Mission Statement

College Mission Statement:

Mission College serves the diverse educational needs of our student population by providing equitable access and support towards completing associate degrees and certificates aligned with transfer and career pathways to meet educational and personal goals as well as the workforce demands of the city of Santa Clara and Silicon Valley.

Athletics Department Mission Statement:

The Mission College Intercollegiate Athletics Department is committed to the personal development and academic progress of our skilled and motivated students.  The department is inclusive and respectful of diverse backgrounds and committed to fundamental values such as civility, honesty, a strong work ethic, coupled with an inclusive culture while promoting integrity as well as social and personal responsibility.  The Athletics Department is dedicated to supporting the academic progress of our student-athletes and the achievement of their educational objectives while also promoting leadership, wellness, persevence, and encouraging student-athletes to realize their true and full potential.

Our Vision Statement: 

Empowering every student to find their mission.

At Mission College, we value 

  • Social Justice                    
  • Equity                              
  • Community
  • Integrity
  • Sustainability
  • Excellence
  • Curiosity
  • Inclusivity
  • Innovation